Access Control

Application background:

With the development of science and technology, the original access control system using RS232 and RS485 mode can not meet the requirements, so it is best choice to upgrade the original serial system to network through the serial to Ethernet converter.



1.Communication distance limitation, the traditional controller adopts RS232 or RS485 communication, transmission distance limit in ten to hundreds of meters, if factory is large, each exit need to install the access control, the stability of the system can not be sure.There will be not distance limition if using a serial converter to transform data to ethernet, and integration with the existing network system.

 2.Long-distance monitor, it is used for the head office who want to get the attendance situation of the branch offices. They can get the situation from the data which is transferred through serial converter to the host server.

 3.Simple network connection and configuration.

 acess control application

access control

USR products concerned:

USR-TCP232-410S   USR-TCP232-302  USR-N540


serial to Ethernet converter used in access control application