Application Case of Lora converter in Greenhouse Monitoring

Industry background and analysis

Greenhouse is the common application scenario in agriculture plant field. But in the process of management, traditional greenhouse cannot realize remote control, as follows:

1. can not transmit temperature and humidity data in real time,low-effect monitoring.

2. Artificial statistical data is waste time and money, and it’s easy to make mistakes.

3. Can not realize remote monitoring, unintelligent management

Conclusions as a result, it is essential to enforce the network monitoring, realize automatic data monitoring and create modern agricultural scene.



Topology-Application Case of Lora converter in Greenhouse Monitoring

Sensor can transmit data through LoRa digital transmission terminal to LoRa concentrator, report to, it is convenient for staff to know the details of greenhouse data.


Application introduction

Deploy terminal sensors such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light sensors in farmland, and connect with LoRa converter USR-LG206-C through RS232/485 ports.

Multiple data transmission terminals transfer data to LoRa gateway USR-LG220-L, report data to over LoRa wireless network to connect to user servers. By long communication distance, the whole solution can realize accurate data transmission of status of agricultural irrigation, diseases and pests, fertilization, etc. Solution


More applications:

Oil field data monitoring

Environment monitoring

Intelligent meter monitoring

Smoke alarm monitoring