Application of 4G Cellular Modem in Supply Chain Management

Application of 4G Cellular Modem in Supply Chain Management


Optimize production, enhance customer service

Effective supply chain management relies on end-to-end visibility of raw materials and finished products at all stages of production and delivery. The Internet of Things enables organizations to optimize production and secure delivery, thereby increasing efficiency and enhancing customer service.


The work is more efficient

Internet of Things solutions for supply chain management allow production managers and suppliers to:

Quickly adapt to changes in market demand and environmental conditions that affect supply

Optimize warehouse space by dynamically purchasing raw materials as needed

Safely view inventory levels and production operations to meet demand and provide timely delivery.

Monitor the health of raw materials and goods in transit

Transform cold chain

In temperature-controlled supply chains or cold chains, end-to-end visibility becomes even more important. 4G Cellular modem can continuously upload data to the back-end server, so the supported cold chain solution allows companies to:

Keep perishable goods from deterioration.

Meet customer requirements and industry norms.

Guarantee the safety of consumers.

Maintain competitive advantages


If you want to optimize production and avoid costly disruptions, it is critical to maintain real-time visibility throughout the value chain. USRIOT supports end-to-end, scalable, secure Internet of Things solutions and high-quality 4G cellular modem data transmission end products to help organizations at all levels of the supply chain. These solutions allow companies to cut costs, increase profits, and maintain compatibility.