Cellular Router in Airport

Self-service ticket mchine – Intelligent Transportation

In peak tourist season, the airport traffic is very busy, in order to improve the convenience and accuracy of self-service ticket machine, self-service ticket machine networking system make the device access the internet successfully.

Self-service ticket machine mainly used for ticketing and tourism advertising in Luxury bus near the airport. In the left side of the LED screen, there is detailed introduction for ticket purchase and collection process. Passengers can follow the instructions to for self-service ticket purchase and collection.


Topological Graph

USRIOT 4G Rouer in Airport


Case instructions

1. By using the cellular router, the self-service machine can access the internet timely.

2. All transaction data and the operating status of the device can be transmitted to service center

3. Customer can access the WiFi internet of the self-service machine

4. Reducing the operation cost and make the management more convenient



1. Improve the management level: the mobile network management can count the daily passenger flow, monthly passenger flow, annual passenger flow and the corresponding ticketing revenue and other financial data through the back-end management platform automatically, and can automatically generate and print financial statements in various formats, providing a basis for scientific management;

2. Security and stability:  Our cellular router supports APN/VPN private network, and the equipment is equipped with IPSEC, PPTP, L2TP, GRE, OPENVPN , SSTP and other VPN connections, as well as functions such as VPN client and VPN server. The powerful VPN function effectively guarantees the security of financial transactions. 3. Improve work efficiency:  Our cellular Router with small size, easy to install, as long as there is a wireless signal on the site , it can be distributed, no need wire. The equipment can provide remote equipment status monitoring and system maintenance through wireless network, greatly reducing the labor intensity and maintenance cost of the staff.


Products used

Industrial router USR-G806 – Industrial design, low cost industrial cellular router

1. WAN & 1LAN ( WAN can be switched to LAN)

2. 4G WiFi wireless 802.1.1b/g/n


Configuration by webpage

Support VPN Client(PPTP/L2TP/IPSEC/GRE/OPENVPN/SSTP) and supports VPN encryption and static IP functions

Support remote upgrade and remote monitoring

Support mandatory portal(WIFI DOG)

Support SMS AT command

Support external hardware watchdog design to ensure system stability