Intelligent Parking loT Transmission

Industry Status

In the entrance and exit of the parking lot, if the work efficiency of the gate machine is low, it is very easy to cause the traffic jam. The factors include:

1.   Wiring construction tedious, large work, long period

2.   Traditional networking is limited by data volume and distance

3.   Manual maintenance is in low efficiency and in high cost


Status Analysis

The industrial router is used to optimize the network of the gate management system, so as to realize the fast transmission of operation management data, improve work efficiency and traffic jam.


Case Introduction

1. When the cars leave the field, the terminal identification and sensor equipment will automatically collect the car number and other informations, and transmit it to the remote control center through the industrial router USR-G806.

2. At this time, the car number, parking time, payment amount and other data related to the car are calculated by the background management system, then transferred to the front site through industrial router, and displayed in the electronic screen in time.

3. The owner scanned the code to complete the payment, the gate system receives the release instruction to let the car go away from the parking lot.


Case Advantage

1. No need to arrange wire, fast networking

2. 4G network,strong signal, fast transmission and wide coverage

3. Greatly reduce construction and labor operation costs

4. Real-time monitoring and reporting data, intelligent parking management

Intelligent Parking loT Transmission