LoRa Star Network Application Case - How to Quickly Realize Remote Meter Reading

LoRa Star Network Application Case

1. Industry background and analysis

At present, the traditional methods of meter reading in the domestic market are mainly manual meter reading and prepaid card forms. The traditional meter reading methods have many pain points, that are difficult to read, difficult to charge, difficult to monitor, and difficult to pay.

Therefore, the metering market has a strong desire to replace smart meters, and smart meter reading can also satisfy the needs of deep coverage, labor saving and big data analysis.


2. Topological graph

Topological graph of LoRa Star Network Application Case


3. Plan description

LoRa water, electricity, gas, heat and other metering devices embedded LoRa wireless module are deployed in the community

Meter data is read from one or more LoRa concentrator, and it is connected to the remote platform via operator 2/4G network or Ethernet

Complete different operations such as uploading measurement data and issuing instructions from the execution platform


4. Plan advantages

Cost optimization: intelligent monitoring, free of manual meter reading

Convenient use: wireless transmission, reduce the disturbance of construction wiring

Low power consumption: the service life of the battery is longer to avoid frequent replacement

Date cloud: it is supported by cloud platform, data can be checked, analyzed and utilized

Multiple modes: point-to-point mode is used for local monitoring, and Ad-Hoc network mode realizes remote monitoring


5. Purchase mode

This scenario recommends the use of "LoRa module +LoRa concentrator“. You can go to USR official mall for more product details.