Self-Service Terminals Management Solution

Background Introduction

Nowadays, mobile payment is more and more popular. For retail industry, the self-service terminals is more and more common now. Self - service coffee machine, self - service juicer, self - service charging pile, self - service washing machine. Those terminals bring much convenience to people’s life.


However, with the increase in the amount of delivery, there are some problems in the use of traditional self-service terminals, mainly in:

1. Large-scale outdoor wiring or Wi-Fi networking is inconvenient

2. Over-reliance on manpower inspection, the cost is high

3. The shortage of goods, machine failure and other information can not be timely feedback, follow-up maintenance is slow 

4. Numerous nodes lead to data statistics and analysis difficulties

 USR IOT Solutions Introduction

Iot application of intelligent self-service car washing machine

application of Smart Charging Pile


USR IOT Solutions Introduction

USR-GM3 Embedded GPRS/GSM module 

USR-G806 Industrial 4G WiFi Router

USR-R4513 Industrial Wireless 4G LTE Router and RS485 to 4G modem


Our Advantages

1. Wireless networking: eliminating the cumbersome wiring process and easy to use

2. Renovation based on original equipment, saving time and cost

3. Real-time connection with the cloud platform to remotely manage and coordinate the analysis of device data, improve management efficiency, and reduce operating costs

4. 24-hour camera remote monitoring to ensure equipment safety


More Applications 

USR IOT Technology Limited focus on serial data networking communication in IOT and M2M field for more than 9 years. We supply networking devices such as serial ethernet converter, serial wifi converter, 3G 4G modem, 4G wireless router and embedded ethernet wifi module.We have professional R&D teams for hardware and software, phone APP and server. OEM & ODM service is acceptable.

More Applications of USRIOT