Technical FAQ

Usually USR IOT set the AP client as the network of USR-G806 by default. but for the convenience of customers, USR-G806 can be configured as the wireless client connection with AP in no Ethernet condition.
This FAQ introduces how to connect USR-WIFI232-B2 to the USR Cloud to achieve one-to-one Transmission with USR-VCOM.
FAQ for industrial cellular modem USR-G781: Socket Communication without Data Interaction
How to Restart the Industrial Modem USR-G781 Remotely?
This article introduces the MODBUS RTU to MODBUS TCP protocol conversion of USR-G781.
This FAQ introduces the port forward configuration for industrial router USR-G806.
This FAQ introduces the reasons for industrial modem USR-DR504 cannot connect to the network.
This article introduces the basic test for MODBUS RTU to MODBUS TCP function of serial to Ethernet converter USR-TCP232-410S.
SSL (secure sockets layer) and TLS (transport layer security) are security protocols that provide security and data integrity for network communication. TLS and SSL encrypt network connections at the transport layer.
Old Firmware before V1.2.10 Update Instructions of Cellular Modem of USR-G781