Technical FAQ

serial to Ethernet converter USR-TCP232-304: Building a RS485 connection over Network
USR-TCP232-306 is a single-port serial to Ethernet converter. Only one serial port can be used at a time. So the type of serial port used depends on your wiring.
We need serial to Ethernet converter USR-TCP232-410S using in application of power meter monitoring. Can USR-TCP232-410s using multi ID slave (daisy chain Topology) in application?
Actively Collect Temperature and Humidity through LoRa Gateway USR-LG220 and LoRa Converter USR-LG206. Take the LoRa terminal USR-LG206-L-C as an example. Use the serial cable to connect the RS232 interface of the LoRa terminal to the computer, and open the USR_LoRa software.
The RS232 serial port of USR-TCP232-302(serial to Ethernet converter) is a female. If your serial device is also a standard RS232 female, you can connect a male-to-male adapter cable.
Industrial modem USR-G781 is a 3G/4G cellular router which can provides a serial to cellular networking solution. Here follows the operation band of industrial modem USR-G781.
How to Configure Modbus TCP of serial to Ethernet converter USR-TCP232-410S? Where do you configure the slave ID, data type and registers for Modbus TCP?
After the VPN is successfully established, you need to make a port forwarding from the USR-G806. Access from the WAN port of the industrial router USR-G806 to the LAN port. Also, change all of the Basic Settings options in the firewall to Accept.
Selection Table of Bluetooth Module
Selection Table of WiFi Module