Technical FAQ

Industrial modem USR-G781 is a 3G/4G cellular router which can provides a serial to cellular networking solution. Here follows the operation band of industrial modem USR-G781.
How to Configure Modbus TCP of serial to Ethernet converter USR-TCP232-410S? Where do you configure the slave ID, data type and registers for Modbus TCP?
After the VPN is successfully established, you need to make a port forwarding from the USR-G806. Access from the WAN port of the industrial router USR-G806 to the LAN port. Also, change all of the Basic Settings options in the firewall to Accept.
Selection Table of Bluetooth Module
Selection Table of WiFi Module
Selection Table of Ethernet Module
Selection Table of GSM Module
Selection Table of Serial to WiFi Converter
Selection Table of Industrial Cellular Router
Selection Table of Serial to Ethernet Converter