Establish USR Cloud Transparent Transmission Group


USR Cloud supports transparent transmission group to realize data transmission between devices in a pair of transparent transmission group. Every device needs to connect to a node which has been established in USR Cloud(Every node has corresponding node ID and node number, user also need password to connect device to node) and a transparent transmission group can include more than on node. Application diagram as follow:


Application diagram of USRCLOUD

Figure 1 Application diagram

User can also establish virtual serial port by USR-VCOM to connect to node and add it to transparent transmission group.



Step 1: Log in USR Cloud. If user don’t have USR Cloud account, user can register a new USR Cloud account and verify by e-mail. After logging in USR Cloud firstly, user also needs to configure a new accessing password to allow device connect to node.

Step 2: Add new nodes.

Step 3: Establish a new pair of transparent transmission group and add nodes into each group.