Frequently Asked Question of Serial Device Server


Q: How to link multiple virtual serial ports on PC end to different serial device servers?

A: you can find V3.7.1.520 version of virtual serial port on the official website of USRIOT and then multiple virtual serial ports (no more than 256) can be created through the software.



Q: When I change power meter 232 to interface to transmit data to kingview, I occasionally failed recently. How to solve it?

A: First, you need to check whether your device can communicate normally when closing kingview and opening serial adjustment helper, and then you need to check whether you serial device server’s module connecting computer can work normally.



Q: Whether serial device server connects devices with cross line or direct line?

A:If the serial device uses male connector, it can be connected with direct line, or cross line.



Q: Can serial device service be accessed by multiple computers?

A: when accessing with multiple computers, only one computer can be connected in poll. In addition, it doesn’t need other parameter setting when polling.



Q: When sending data to serial device server RS 485 with virtual serial, it employs modbus-tcp and the first 6 characters cannot be received by RS 485. There would be only one character to be sent later, and oscilloscope can only show the oscillation of one character. How to solve it?

A: first, you need to check MODBUSTCP whether it opens this function on 410s; then you need to check whether length and other parameters have been set correctly.



Q: How to realize serial communication without serial device server?

A: you can set up socket communication to realized communication with virtual serial software.



Q:How does serial device server 410s send Heart Beat to multiple RS 485?

A: you can directly configurate on page, selecting Start Heart Beat to send to serial. But the Heart Beat sent to multiple RS485 serials is the same.



Q: When using multiple serial device server as client-side to connect server through public network, the server only has only IP port. How to connect it?

A: When upper computer sets TCP Server through virtual serial, serial port helper will uses serial to send corresponding commander code to slave unit, and only device with corresponding ID will respond to command.