Five Frequent Problems in Serial Device Server

Serial device server is widely used in industrial automatic control sector, and there are various problems in practical application.


Here are some frequent problems of serial device server and their resolutions.


Q1: How to configurate serial device server?

Auswer: the serial device server must be configurated according to the scene of application. The parameters which need to be configurate including working mode of serial, network parameter management information of device, etc. Generally, serial device server will provide a multiple ways to configurate including serial, browser website, supervisor, etc.



Q2: When using multiple serial device servers as TCP Client to connect server through public network, server only has one IP port assessable. How to connect?

Answer: the upper computer is set as server through virtual serial, and it will use serial to send corresponding command to devices through serial helper. As long as the ID of device is corresponding, the slave unit will respond.


Q3: Why will data lose when using virtual serial port to transmit documents?

Answer: When virtual serial port program puts an end to data, its transmission speed is different from the speed of sending data to distance device, so the data loses. You may set “stimulated baud rate” in the virtual program to solve the problem.


Q4: can multiple computers access the same serial device server at the same time?

Answer: when multiple computers access, only one computer can connect serial device server under polling state. In addition, no extra parameter needs to be set to realize polling.


Q5: how to set serial and baud rate in the serial device server?

Answer: you may click “plan configuration” in the configuration, and then click “serial parameter” after selecting certain plan.