USR-WIFI232-630 Modbus RTU transfer to Modbus TCP Function


This manual is to introduce USR-WIFI232-630(Serial to WiFi Converter) Modbus RTU transfer to Modbus TCP function.


1.Function introduction

Modbus protocol is application layer message transport protocol. Modbus protocol has following two communication method:

Modbus TCP: Based on Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol.

Modbus RTU/Modbus ASCII: Based on asynchronous serial transmission(Such as RS232/RS422/RS485). 


USR-WIFI232-630(Serial to WiFi Converter supports Modbus RTU format data transfer to Modbus TCP format data.(Don’t support Modbus ASCII format data)



User can configure 630 to Modbus RTU<=> Modbus TCP mode by Web Server as follow:


configure 630 to Modbus RTU, working mode configuration

Figure 1 Configuration