How to Set Parameters of Serial to Ethernet Converters


Serial to ethernet converter are coming to be widely used in the industrial sector. Under certain application situations, its parameters need to be set. There are several ways to set parameters of serial to ethernet converter as follows.


Generally, its parameters can be set on webpage or through AT command.


First is to set on webpage, which is also the most common way. Family routers are also set on webpage, so most people are familiar with it.


You need to open browser and input the ip on serial to ethernet converter into the address bar. After the login interface opens, you need to input account and password and then modify the parameters.


Setting on webpage is easy to manipulate with computer browser with no need for other supporting devices. However, it is worth noting that IP of serial to ethernet converter must be in the same network segment as the computer.


Second is to set through AT command. AT command refers that users convey instruction set with module UART under command mode. After powering on and starting, module can be set through UART.


Taking USRIOT single serial to ethernet converter USR-N510 as an example, UART parameters of its module are: baud rate 115200, no vertification, 8 digit data and 1 stop bit. It only needs to correspond parameters with different modules. Thus, users' MCU can set serial command to configurate parameters anytime.


Though serial to ethernet converters varies from factory to factory, their principle are almost the same. Two ways to set serial to ethernet converter are explained above.