How to Modify the MAC Address of Serial to Ethernet Converter Module


MAC address serial to ethernet converter is used to define the location of network, and it is the mark to identify the LAN knot given its uniqueness. If there is repeated location, computers with the same MAC address will be abnormal when accessing network. Serial to ethernet converter may need to modify its MAC address in the process of application. 


When configurating serial to ethernet converter, MAC address of module can be modified. It is worthwhile to note that the uniqueness of MAC must be ensure in the process of modification.


Case is URSIOT 2 ports serial to ethernet converter USR-TCP232-410S.


Before ex-factory, USR-TCPP232-410S is burned with unique MAC address and all addresses are started with D8B04C. After purchase, users can check MAC of 410s through webpage.


If users have special needs in application, such as modifying MAC address of serial to ethernet converter module after binding netwrok with MAC address, you may set temporary MAC instead of all F through webpage.


If you have set MAC, you may recovery it to factory setting to recover MAC address to default MAC address.


Webpage interface of customer setting serial to ethernet converter USR-410s is as below.


serial to ethernet converter USR-TCP232-410S-Webpage interface of customer setting


The way to modify MAC address of serial to ethernet converter is above. Factory MAC address varies from factory to factory, and it will be explained with USR-410s as an example in detail.