Transparent Transmission and Security of 4G Industrial Routers

Transparent transmission and security of industrial 4G routers

It is commonly known that the industrial 4G router is the device which provides industrial projects with high-speed networking resolution and fulfills stable and safe transparent data transmission. Many people are curious about the transparent transmission of industrial 4G routers, and some may even confused about “transparent transmission” with “penetration”. Therefore, they may think industrial routers can better manifest its powerful function in the home, and yet it turns out to be wrong.


Transparent transmission refers to transferring data to targeted node without processing to data when ensuring the quality. Generally, transparent transmission is used to read distance serial data. For instance, railway station needs to enter through cashing ID card, but the database of ID card information cannot be restored near every railway station. Thus, industrial 4G router can be used to transferred data collected to the proofread platform to the railway station, thus comparing with the ID card.


Advantages of transparent transmission of industrial 4G routers


1. Authentic and effective. industrial 4G router transfers authentic and effective data to destination and then makes distribution and processing according to original data. The data transferred will not be processed to ensure that there will be no bias when on-site data are transferred to targeted node, thus making sure the data to be authentic and effective.


2. Convenient and simple. industrial 4G routers can transfer original data without the binding of any protocol, so any data can be transferred to targeted node in the end.


Security of industrial 4G routers


Security of industrial 4G router works as the guardian to ensure the normal work and guarantee the industrial router to transfer data transparently. For example: industrial 4G router USR-G800 employs MIPS core with high property, the protection level of its metal shell is IP20, its power supports terminal power supply, and its voltage ranges from 9-16V. In addition, it can prevent transposition, prevent surge, and prevent static electricity, so that it can fully applied in the field of engineering control.