USR-GM3 Write-IMEI-SN-code-User-Manual

 When user use tools ‘USR-GM3 生产工具 (工位1) V3.0.0.6.exe’ to write IMEI code and SN code, USR-GM3(GSM GPRS Module) should ensure has been upgraded to ‘USR-GM3_FLASH_V3.0.0_170602.lod’ firmware version.


Step1:Running tools ‘USR-GM3(GSM GPRS Module)   生产工具 (工位1) V3.0.0.6.exe’ and setting correct serial port parameter. ‘模块串口参数’ from COM8 to 1 in following image represent ‘Port number’ ‘Baud Rate’ ‘Parity bit’ ‘Data bit’ ‘Stop bit’ in sequence. 



Running tools USR-GM3-GSM GPRS Module

Step2:Write module IMEI code and SN code in format of IMEI,SN into ‘扫码’ line. For example, if your IMEI code is 356566071182463 and SN code is 011201612019015, you should write as 356566071182463, SN011201612019015 into  ‘扫码’ line. Then IMEI and SN code will display in ‘IMEI’  line and  ‘SN’ line automatically. (You can get IMEI and SN code on module surface.)

Running tools USR-GM3 GSM GPRS Module

Step3:Click ‘按空格开始’ then click ‘设置IMEI和SN’. Waiting some time and right white space will display as following image, writing IMEI and SN code successfully.

Running tools USR-GM3, GSM GPRS Module