Common Problems of Serial Device Server

Serial device server has a very wide application in the field of industrial control. Various problems will be encountered in the actual application process. Here are some of the problems that are often encountered for  serial device server and its solutions.


Common questions about the serial device server


Question 1: How to configure the serial device server?

Answer:Before configuring the serial device server, you must carry outaccording to the requirements of your application scene. The parameters to be configured mainly include the working mode of the serial port, network parameters, and management information of the device itself. Generally, the serial device server provides multiple ways to configure, such as the serial port, browser web page, and manager.


Question 2: When multiple serial device servers are used as TCP clients, they are connected to the server through the public network. Only one IP port is open on the server. How can connection be realized?

Answer: The host computer is set to the server through the virtual serial port. The serial port assistant calls the corresponding command code sent by the serial port to the slave device. As long as the device ID corresponds, the slave device will respond.


Question 3: Why does data loss occur when transferring files using a virtual serial port?

Answer: The data loss is mainly caused by the fact that the serial port transmission itself does not have the same speed when the virtual serial port program ends and when the data is sent to the remote device, so the data is lost. The solution is to set the "analog baud rate" in the virtual program.


Question 4: Can multiple computers access a serial device server at the same time?

Answer: Multiple computers access at the same time. In the polling state, only one computer can be connected to the serial device server. The automatic polling is achieved, you do not need to manually set other parameters.


Question 5: How to set the serial port and baud rate of the serial device server?

Answer: In the configuration interface, enter "scheme configuration", select a program, enter "serial parameter".


The above are the most common problems in the application process of the serial device server. The specific problems should be analyzed in detail, and the simple fault problem can be solved by itself.