Tailored Development of Software

advantages of console.usriot.com

USRIOT software console.usriot.com is a platform developed to fulfill the communication between device and device (or upper computer) and realize the transparent transmission of data and the monitoring of devices. If you need set service of “software + hardware”, there is one-stop resolution; if you have hardware, there is private deployment service of console.usriot.com.

cloud.usr.cn can fulfill:

  • Distance monitoring with no need for programming
  • Software + hardware one-stop service
  • Private deployment + tailored service
  • Safer secure sockets layer


If you would like to deploy the server of your own, console.usriot.com has private deployment function.

Private deployment is a software system built to facilitate the exclusive usage of user, so as to provide the most effective guarantee to data privacy, individual customized service and work efficiency promotion.

Private deployment can fulfill:

  • Privacy of data, information security
  • Individual customization to meet the requirement of projects
  • Publish part of original code for second-time development
  • Permanent service after purchase

 Private deployment, cloud platform

Who have used private deployment?

private deployment of USR CLOUD

private deployment of USR CLOUD, fire prevent technology

A fire prevent technology company has used private deployment to realize:

Prevent fire through smoke monitoring

Provide accurate fire alarming through message or pop-up window, locate the fire point quickly, and have the record of fire for analysis

An intelligent control company has used private deployment to fulfill


Industrial PLC networking monitoring

Dynamic imitation of device operation and work situation

Direct understanding of data, rapid analysis and conclusion