Some Basic Tips(FAQ) of Serial WiFi Modules

1. Why is it called serial wifi modules?
A: Popular point, we can be understood as a converter is to convert the microcontroller signals into the serial port wireless wifi signal, also known as serial to wifi module.

2. Serial wifi modules works there?
A: It works in two ways: namely, transparent transmission mode and command mode, transparent mode, no matter what the data is sent to the module, the wifi module will not be processed (except exit transparent mode of relevant directives), but directly to the data encapsulated and transmitted. Generally refers to command mode AT command mode of operation, its general format.(AT + CMD)

3. The principle of serial wifi modules?
A: It works like this: data network sends -TCP => Modules => serial data – Single-chip receiver, the reverse is the same, the module is only one transmission channel only;

4. The serial mode wifi modules, what does?
A: It works modes are both AP and STA, STA is the site mode, client mode, the router is connected to the same computer to us, he is equivalent to the role of the computer, which means it as a hotspot AP is AP mode itself you can radiate a wireless wifi network;

5. The transparent mode and command mode how to switch it?
A: command mode to transparent mode via AT + Z or to re-power the wifi module, transparent mode switch to command mode, through serial port to send +++ (and only three +), wifi module returns + ok, Description wifi module has entered the command mode;

6. Serial wifi modules can remotely control it?
A: Serial wifi module certainly can be remotely controlled, but there must be built on the basis of the server, it is not an IP address it, how it can not be controlled remotely? Because the IP address of the wifi module is not connected to external networks, and his IP address is the network address. (ie IP wifi module outside the network server can not find, can not provide it with data forwarding function)

7. The network communication protocol of TCP and UDP protocols What is the difference?
A: TCP protocol is a reliable protocol, in the communication process must establish three-way handshake, the communication process initiates a TCP connection from the client, UDP protocol, is the familiar broadcast protocol, he is an unreliable communication protocol generally used in Find one IP network communications equipment;

8. What I want to achieve something MCU control handset need?
A: The single-chip, mobile phone APP, wifi module, as well as single-chip peripheral circuits and related devices, MCU MCU serial port to send data to the serial port via wifi module, wireless data transfer module to send the final wifi phone.
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