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Transparent transmission and security of industrial 4G routers.
Industrial router is to provide user with wireless data transmission function using public wireless network.
This manual introduces OPENVPN Client function of Industrial 4g LTE Router( USR-G806 ).
GM3 Transparent Transmission 1.Plug in the SIM card. Connect the 5V adapter , serial cable and the antenna to the module. The work LED is blinking, that indicate the module is working. The GPRS LED is on, that indicate the module has linked to the GPRS network.
G806+H3C WSR800-10 realize VPN networking
OPENVPN Manual of Industrial 4G Router-USRIOT G806
This manual is to introduce the method to establish VPN tunnel between USR-G800(VPN Server) and USR-G806(VPN Client).
Industrial 4G Routers, to be simple, is a high-speed network connecting device with industrial design and 4G network access based on ordinary router. Generally, it supports WIFI wireless LAN and 4G LTE network system, whilst it is compatible to 2G/3G network. In accordance with the priority of 4G->3G->2G, it can select the network to connect automatically.
Industrial 4G routers are of various types, and they can be divided into different types in different ways. In addition, the application of diverse Industrial 4G Routers are different from one to another. Industrial 4G Routers will be divided in different ways as follows so as to give some help to those who don’t know which one to purchase.
Before using 4G industrial routers, you may wonder what its difference is with other routers. The 4G router has 4G dialing function apart from the basic functi