WiFi Modules -B cable to connect the router module, the module can be networked ap

USR-WIFI232-B wifi module, set the AP mode, the module’s Ethernet port to connect to the Internet router, computer connection module AP mode SSID, computers can connect to the Internet.

Set as follows
Requirements: wifi modules through the serial port to the computer. Step by using the AT command set.

As shown: send commands according to the procedure set. Wifi modules connect to the router using a network cable. Then the computer access module AP.
Detailed AT commands:

  1. Go to AT command
  2. AT + FVER = n Set the module software version is n
  3. AT + FEPHY = on Set the default enable Ethernet.
  4. AT + FVEW = enable enable: Ethernet port as a WAN port.
  5. AT + FELD restore the factory settings.
  6. Re-entering the AT commands.
  7. AT + WANN = static,,, setting module WAN port address is static IP
  8. AT + Z module restart join router.
  9. AT + PING = ping the router module, on behalf of a cell phone or a computer can be connected to the module via the Internet ap.

wifi module Detailed AT commands