E45 Series Telnet Timeout Function and Through Network Send Reset Command Description

1. Open Telnet Timeout function and description. Modules program parameter in webpage as below:
Modules program parameter-USR-TCP232-E Port 0 settings

Telnet timeout figure mean the time for no data timeout, 0 is not open, Max figure is 255, unit is seconds.

If network side and serial port no data, the continuous time exceed Telnet Timeout set figure, after than module disconnect and reconnect.

This parameter is suitable for connection work mode, like TCP CLIENT, TCP SERVER etc.

2. Through network send reset command to module
According to below format to send reset command, this command is suitable for 2001 and before 2001 firmware use UDP broadcast, Send command to, port number: 1901

For example, username and password as admin/admin

FF 0D 02 61 64 6D 69 6E 00 61 64 6D 69 6E 00 20

Ethernet modules response(4 byte): FF 01 02 4B, if username and password is right 4B=

FF 01 02 45, if username and password is right 4B=

Notice: This command is broadcast mode, suitable for all E45 series module in LAN network.