FAQ of Wifi Serial Module

1.Q: Wifi module has no response for a long time,and it must be reset and reconnected. How could this be?
A: Pay attention to the design of power ;ensure that the current and voltage is sufficient.If the voltage had a fierce drop phenomenon, this situation may occur.

2.Q: Wifi module can not query whether server is closed. Under the condition that the server is closed, wifi module has been working properly, and it can also send data,if open the server then, wifi module cannot succeed in connection
A: Do you mean wifi module is working in the mode of TCP Client?
Q: When close the server, wifi module is sending data.In this case, If you reopen the server, wifi module will fail in connection,especially when wifi module had worked for a long time.
A: You can ask for technical support under the undefined situation.

3.Q : How to know the version of wifi module?
A: 1.Go to webpage->subpage, 2.Use AT command to query : AT+VER

4.Q: Two computers connect with wifi module respectively.One works as AP,and the other works as STA.can both the computers make mutual communication?
A: can make mutual communication.

5.Q: Can both the computers make mutual communication if user builds a local area netwrok by himself?
A:No,for low power wifi module has no routing function.