High Performance WiFi Modules Communicate with PC via Router

In this application, you can realize several serial devices bidirectional communication with your PC. The PC/mobile which connect to the same router can configure the WIFI performance device via network.

High Figure 1

1. Close your windows firewall and disable your Ethernet network.

2. Connect the 5V adapter, antenna and the serial cable to the modules.
B2 Figure 3

3. Connect to the wifi modules access point.
High Figure 4

4. Open your browser, type in wifi module’s IP address (default,username and password either is admin.
High Figure 5

5. Configure module connect to router. My router is USR_CN_WM, You should connect to your router. Choose the STA mode, search and choose the AP’s SSID , choose the Security Mode and Encryption Type, type in your router’s password. Click apply and restart the module.
High Figure 6

6. Connect your all modules to your router in same way , then you can connect your PC to routerand use the WIFI232-SETUP software to search the module. We can get module’s information, click open to open the webpage of the wifi module.
High Figure 7

7. The username and password either is admin. You can configure static IP address in STA Interface Setting. Please ensure there is no IP address conflict.
High Figure 8-1High Figure 8-2

8. You can configure the serial parameters and network parameters in Application Setting. All the module should work as Client, and your PC should work as Server. My PC IP address is Apply the setting and restart the wifi module.
High Figure 9-1High Figure 9-2

9. Open the USR-TCP232-TEST. Listen the Port 8899.You can receive the data from the wifi modules serial port.
High Figure 10