High Performance WiFi Modules Link to Router

1. Disable your firewall and Ethernet network.
wifi modules

2. Connect to USR – High Performance wifi modules.
USR Figure 2

3. Open your browser and login the, the username and password either is admin.
USR Figure 3

4. Choose the WIFI mode as STA.
USR Figure 4

5. Search the AP’s SSID.
USR Figure 5

6. Choose the Router’s name and apply. Of course you can type the router’s name by your self.
USR Figure 6

7. Choose the Security Mode and Encryption. It depends your router. Mostly we use WPA2PSK and AES.
USR Figure 7

8. Put in the password of your router. Apply the setting.
USR Figure 8

9. Restart the wifi modules.
USR Figure 9

10. Connect the router.
USR Figure 10

11. You can use the software to search the device. This device get a new IP from your router.
USR Figure 11