How to connect WiFi Module USR-C216 to PC?

1.Hardware Connection of  WiFi Module USR-C216 

We connect the serial port and network port of the USR-C216 to PC, if PC has no serial port, you can use USB to 232cable. Hardware connection:

How to connect WiFi Module USR-C216 to PC, hardware connection

You just need connect RS232 cable and power to C216 as picture shows


2. Net Connection

Search WIFI on PC, connect the WIFI named USR-C216, search SSID

How to connect WiFi Module USR-C216 to PC, search SSID

Set the PC DHCP mode, USR-C216 support DHCP server mode, this function is open by default.


3. Data Transmission Test

The default parameters:

Name Parameters
Encryption mode Open, none
Serial port 115200, 8, 1, none, nfc
Network TCPS, 8899,


Steps :

1.Open”USR-TCP232-Test.exe”, COM11 represents the serial number of C216,set the baud rate 115200,then open the serial port;

2.Choose TCP Client mode, IP:,the server port is 8899,then click connect.

The data from serial port to net is: serial port of PC->serial port of C216->C216->network port(or wifi) of C216->PC;

The data from net to serial port is: PC-> Ethernet (or wifi) of C216->C216->serial port of C216->serial port of PC

Data transmission test

How to connect WiFi Module USR-C216 to PC, data transmission test