How to Select the Adapter Cable for Serial to Ethernet Converter?


Using the following connection diagram, We can send programs from a computer to a CNC machine.
Now, We have purchased the serial to Ethernet converter USR-TCP232-302 and are confused as to what kind of connection scheme we should create.
Because in our current connection scheme, the 9pin side is female, while the UST-TCP232-302 device has 9pin side female and in this case our 9pin side has to be male. Please help us. What kind of cable should we prepare?




The RS232 serial port of USR-TCP232-302(serial to Ethernet converter) is a female. If your serial device is also a standard RS232 female, you can connect a male-to-male adapter cable.
What needs to be ensured is that each interface is RX connected to the TX pin, TX connected to the RX pin, and the ground wire to the ground. Please make sure that the pins of each serial line correspond to normal communication.