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Noise pollution is a long-term problem for urban residents. Recent studies have estimated that nine out of ten people in large cities are exposed to an environment where noise levels exceed international standards. The negative effects of noise on health include sleep disturbances, hearing loss, cognitive impairment, and high blood pressure. Recently, Jinan City has set up a low-cost acoustic sensor network to continuously monitor noise in urban environments. They use LoRa technology, which uses a massive LoRa module and a small number of gateways and repeaters to build a system to implement optical inspection at a very low cost.
Your PC should contact the same WIFI-A with WIFI610 module.1. Set your PC join WIFI-A, and check the IP of PC.2. Set your PC join the WIFI of 610 module, then o
Wi-Fi Series modbus RTU to modbus TCP1.make PC join the wifi of moduleLogin ,the account and the password are both adminSet it AP mode, the IP :1
WiFi Mode One to One Transmission on USRcloud