Technical FAQ

OverviewThis manual is the RF test manual which includes the test preparation and test procedure. 1.Test preparation1.1.Hardware connectionHardware connection
USR-WIFI232-B(WIFI Module) RF tool RT5350QA User Manual
4G module setting message format+CMGF. 4G module setting command can be used to select the coding format of message, and there are two modes of format, namely PDU mode and text mode, which is decided by parameter.
Serial device server has a very wide application in the field of industrial control. Various problems will be also encountered in the actual application process. Here are some of the problems that are often encountered for the serial device server and its solutions.
GSM GPRS Module(USR-GM3) Write-IMEI-SN-code-User-Manual
User can use USR Cloud transparent transmission group to realize transparent transmission. This transparent transmission is between a pair of transparent transmission group(Whole devices in group one to whole devices in group two) and we test it by two 730 in two groups.
This manual introduces the method to upgrade USR-GPRS-730/USR-GPRS-734(GSM modems) firmware through ‘Update’ interface.
This manual is to introduce whole process of upgrading G806 (4G LTE router) firmware by serial.
This manual introduces the method to read USR-G806(Industrial 4G Router) LOG by Xshell software.
This manual introduces the method to upgrade USR-G781(Industrial 4G LTE Modem) firmware by Web Server.