Technical FAQ

Serial Device Server is widely used in industrial automatic control sector, and there are various problems in practical application. Here are some frequent problems of serial device server and their resolutions.
Frequently Asked Question of Serial Device Server: Q: How to realize serial communication without serial device server? A: you can set up socket communication to realized communication with virtual serial software.
This munual is to introduce the RF Test of Industrial 4G Router: USR-G806-A
This manual introduces the HTTP Client mode of high-performance Serial to WiFi Converters. In this manual, we take USR-WIFI232-602 V2 as example to test.
USR Cloud supports transparent transmission group to realize data transmission between devices in a pair of transparent transmission group.
OverviewThis manual is to introduce the application of G806 port forwarding function.1.IntroductionIf G806 has a static public IP, external network devices can
1. GPRS Module Settings a. Check whether serial parameter conforms to working parameter of GPRS module b. Check whether your serial line is OK c. Check whether line connection and slots are OK d. Check extending line is cross line or straight-through cable, and make sure signal transmission direction is right between PC serial and
1. Disable your firewall and Ethernet network. 2. Connect to USR – High Performance wifi modules. 3. Open your browser and login the, the username and password either is admin. 4. Choose the WIFI mode as STA. 5. Search the AP’s SSID. 6. Choose the Router’s name and apply. Of course you can type
1. Close your windows firewall and disable your Ethernet network. 2. Link to the module, the SSID is USR-WIFI232-AP_xxxx(xxxx is last 2 byte of MAC address) 3. Open your browser, type in module’s IP (default, user name and password either is admin. 4. You can configure module in this webpage. such as AP or
In this application, you can realize two serial devices bidirectional communication. The PC/mobile which connect to the same router can configure the WIFI performance device via network. 1.Close your windows firewall and disable your Ethernet network. 2.Connect the 5V adapter, antenna and the serial cable to the modules. 3.Connect to the module’s access point. 4.Open