Technical FAQ

Why WIFI modules will disconnect about 5mins? First, this is a function not a fault, this is TCP link keep alive mechanism, in order to prevent the garbage dead links. Module work mode have timeout setting option, TCP Timeout, default set parameter is 300s(5mins), if this parameter set as 0 can close this function. This
Two method: 1. Log into router to check router list. 2. When module Link light on and Link pin is low level, it was connected. Notice: Module MAC address is different when it work as AP mode and STA mode, so when module as AP mode MAC address is different with module join into router
When you set wrong or failure parameter to cause wifi module can not working normally, the restore factory setting method as below: Wifi module in work mode (Ready light on), module Reload pin short connect GND pin or press Reload button within 1s. Use AT command, AT+RELD also can reach restore factory setting, detail please
There are two way, detail explantation as below: (Module only suitable for USR-WIFI232-A/B/C) 1. PC (Mobile) –>WIFI–>Module–>Lan cable–>Router Module as AP mode, Ethernet port set as WAN port. Chart as below: PC (Mobile) –>Lan cable–>Module–>WIFI–>Router Module as STA mode, Ethernet port set as LAN port. 2. Through AT command set it. Detail AT command as
1. Power shortage, the working voltage is 3.0-3.6 v. current is 300 MA. 2. Not electrified. 3. Check the antenna whether it is loose or disconnected. 4. It should be indoor within 50 meters between PC and the module. Or use mobilephone to search again. 5. If the software can’t search it or find the
How to check USR-WIFI232 Low power series wifi modules and wireless device servers online status? Device connect with wifi module through serial port, how to check wifi module online, detail step as below: 1. Module as STA mode or module as AP mode connect to PC. PC and module in same network segment. Use USR-WIFI232-Setup
How to realize PWM/GPIO function Different module pins are different, details pls see user manual chapter 4.1.3 and appendix B 1. Set wifi module mode to pwm, use AT+TMODE=pwm, take effect after restart 2. Set wifi module indicate function, use AT+LPTIO, take effect after restart See below table for different module settings
USR – WIFI232 – A/B/C series wifi modules. GPIO function method. Pin definition: Settings screenshot: 1. Web settings interface: station Mode, Data Transfor GPIO1 Mode or GPIO2 Mode. 2. STA Interface Setting: Settings module connected router SSID and password. To the module set a static IP. 3. Wifi-Uart Setting: network model for the TCP Server
Network Assistant software using WIFI external network control module USR-WIFI-ABC series modules, using a mobile phone network client software control serial assistant WIFI module. Connection requirements: Wifi module is set to STA mode, the module is connected to the router, the router can connect to the Internet Specific steps: 1. The module defaults to AP
Serial port to send and receive network data under the command mode wifi modules Before entering the module AT command mode, first establish a network connection, the module is set to STA mode, PC communicate with each other through the network with the wifi modules. 1. Go to command mode. + + + Transmission return