Technical FAQ

I plan to use Serial to Ethernet converter USR-N510 as Serial to UDP converter. The Delay Time of serial to Ethernet Converter USR-N510: Set the data packing time with the AT command. The default packing time is 0.
If for example the packing time is 0 and I send 20 bytes by TTL UART, what will be the delay time until it will be sent threw UDP? The delay time is 1ms.
For USR device is in transparent mode normally, you must enter AT command mode at first. Then you can send AT command to configure or query the settings. After you configure the USR device, you should restart the USR device to make the settings take effect.
I want to read energy meters with modbus RTU remotely via GPRS. what solution and device you recommend? IO controller USR-IO424-GR can connect to a remote server. Establish a TCP connection.
How to Reset Ethernet Module? 1.Use M0 to set up the software and search for the device. Right click and select reset to restore the factory value. 2.Use the serial port AT command, +++a to enter the configuration state, AT+RELD restores the factory value.
The serial ports of the two 302s can be connected directly. 302 and the IP of network device should be on the same network segment.
Industrial Router USR-G806: Issue of can not forward traffic through the PPTP VPN You can set the parameters of industrial router USR-G806 as shown in the following figures.
How to change the industrial router password? Not able to change the wifi password. The following sreenshots are how to change the wifi password of industrial router. If the default 12345678 dosent work, I suggest you to restore the USR-G800(industrial router) to factory defaults, the default password is
How much storage have this serial to Ethernet converter USR-N540? Network send buffer 16Kbyte, receive buffer 16Kbyte. Serial port send buffer 2Kbyte, receive buffer 2Kbyte.
Question:1. How to buy 4-way network IO controller USR-IO424T-EWR - , how to pay? 2. If one connects to the USR via Web-Browser, can one simply switch any or al