Technical FAQ

Frequently Asked Question of Serial Device Server: Q: How to realize serial communication without serial device server? A: you can set up socket communication to realized communication with virtual serial software.
User Can Realize Transparent Transmission between Two Serial to Ethernet Converters/Serial Device Servers
This munual is to introduce the RF Test of Industrial 4G Router: USR-G806-A
This manual introduces the HTTP Client mode of high-performance Serial to WiFi Converters. In this manual, we take USR-WIFI232-602 V2 as example to test.
This manual introduces upgrading firmware methods of Serial to Ethernet converter or Serial Device Server.
This manual introduces M4 series Serial to Ethernet Converter Modbus gateway function.
Serial to Ethernet Converter, also Called Serial Device Server. USRIOT Products include M4 series Serial to Ethernet Converter and Low Cost Serial to Ethernet Converter. Do you know the Websocket function of M4 Series Serial to Ethernet Converter?
USR Cloud supports transparent transmission group to realize data transmission between devices in a pair of transparent transmission group.
OverviewThis manual introduces the method to establish communication between two WiFi products. The method can be applied to WiFi serial servers: USR-WIFI232-6
OverviewThis manual introduces the baud rate synchronization function. 1.IntroductionWhen USR module which supports baud rate synchronization function works wit