Technical FAQ

How to restore to factory settig with the wifi module 1. Connect the reload pin circuit 2. Using the AT commands. WiFi232 – setup software download link. WiFi module serial computer serial port connection 3. Long press reload button 5s. After the restore factory settings.
PC remote connection WiFi modules Communications 1. AT command set module to connect the router to connect the server address 2. Set the server address in the wifi modules web (1) Low power wifi Modules setting (2) WiFi modules of high performance 3. Router setup method Check whether the WAN port to Public IP address
USR low power wifi modules, mobile phone software on the Internet connection wifi module. 1. Set WiFi module for STA mode 2. Set WiFi module IP address: 3. Set WiFi module port number: 23419 4. After setting successfully, restart module 5. Access router via web View router WAN port IP, whether it is public
USR – WIFI232 – A/B/C series modules. GPIO function method. Pin definition: Settings screenshot: 1. Web settings interface: AP Mode Data Transfor Mode: GPIO Mode 2. 3. Reset wifi module. 4. Sent over the network GPIO instructions. Send 3 feet high output level. 5. Send inquiry instruction. Return to 00 or 01.
1. Set the way: WiFi232 – T, for example, WiFi modules serial connection computer serial port, computer WiFi connection. 2. Open the web page after modification parameter, enter the IP address on the browser Username: admin, Password: admin
Firmware upgrade method WIFI232-A / B / C module 1. PC connection WiFi 2. Enter the Configuration page 3. Click Update Firmware‚ 4. 5. After a successful upgrade to refresh the page 6. Click Load Default
High performance wifi modules use web configuration parameters 1. 2. 3.
Before set it, the wifi modules must at default status, if you have configured module, please do reload factory setting. Set chart as below: Detail step as below: 1. AP mode module a. Power on the wifi module, when module READY light on, PC join into wifi module network(SSID: HF-A11-AP), open browser, type, open
USR-WIFI232 WIFI module Ethernet function description. This file only suitable for USR-WIFI232-A/B/C and related product, not suitable for USR-WIFI232-T/S/G2. USR-WIFI232 series WIFI module USR-WIFI232-A/B/C support serial–Ethernet–WIFI, two of them can connect and communication by each other. 1. In order to reduce power consumption, Ethernet port default setting is closed. Ethernet port level is PHY, draw
wifi module as STA mode, how to join into AP (Access Point, WIFI Router), detail step as below: 1. PC joint to module WIFI network, SSID network name as USR-WIFI232-AP_xxxx (Different type products are slightly different), disable LAN cable card. Open browser, type 2. Come into mode selection page, set wifi module as STA