Technical FAQ

USR-G781-A : Confirmation that This Will Work in Canada
PIC Micro Serial to Ethernet Comunication of Ethernet Module
Issue with Sending AT Commands via SMS in USR-G785-E: Query the current password word, query/set command is AT+CMDPW The current command password can be seen through the software:
Cellular Router for Hong Kong Version
How to Connect USR-TCP232-T2 with a PHP and MYSQL Web Server?
How to Connect to a Server When in Client Mode
Connecting USR232-302 Using PHP Web Socket
Setup USR-WIFI232-630 to Eastron Sdm630 Modbus: 630 Set up the TCP server. Socket B is changed to OFF, please close
The default parameter of the C210 is AP mode. After change STA mode to AP mode, It is ok.