Technical FAQ

USR-WIFI232 series wifi module serial port data package description, serial port data is disordered, send it one byte by one byte, network data packet sent one packet by one packet, so now how to do data package? USR-WIFI232 series wifi module have three options for packed, satisfy with one of these request will reach this
This file is suitable for USR-WIFI232-A/B/C/602/604/610. It is not suitable for USR-WIFI232-T/S/G2. This series of module use routers IC solution. Generally router have 1 WAN port and 4 LAN port. This series module only retain router one RJ45 port, default port as LAN port, also can program as WAN port, detail please refer to relevant
1. The loopback test is using 1 PC to test the USR Product.You can send the data with ethernet and receive with serial port. And you also can send data with serial port and receive with ethernet. 2. Please link your Ethernet cable, 5V adapter and serial wire to your TCP M4 series module
Use the network configuration serial device servers on the premise that you must search to IP module configuration module via UDP mode. Network configuration by sending a UDP broadcast packet form is completed, no low and can not be connected through the network CFG configuration CFG tied low if no network configuration. Destination address and
Many to many communication, serial servers are set to UDP mode. IP addresses are not the same module. IP:
1. Ethernet modules setup parameters 2. Router setup method Check whether the WAN port to Public IP address 3. Port Forwards Port: 23419 IP: PC address 4. Computer connected to a wireless router openwrt 5. Check computer’s IP address 6. Check computer’s IP address 7. Ethernet Module serial port to connect PC, using serial
Why T24 series module can not find in setup software? 1. Check PC open the double network card or not, if yes disable one network card. (normally disable WLAN card. 2. Check PC open firewall or not, if open, please closed WINDOWS firewall and antivirus software. 3. Check module RJ45 light if one normally on
1. Open Telnet Timeout function and description. Modules program parameter in webpage as below: Telnet timeout figure mean the time for no data timeout, 0 is not open, Max figure is 255, unit is seconds. If network side and serial port no data, the continuous time exceed Telnet Timeout set figure, after than module disconnect
USR-TCP232 has 2 series, USR-TCP232-T24 and USR-TCP232-E45. The former includes USR-TCP232-T/S/D/U/2/24/200/300/442. The later includes USR-TCP232-E/400/500. Data is packed and sent over the network when either interval or bits length is satisfying. 1. USR-TCP232-T24 Series Packaging interval is the time sending 2 tybes under current baud rate. Calculation method: 1000 / serial port baud rate
As for RS232 pin ( draw forth IO port) to measure level GND reference TXD -4.92V RXD -10.21V RTS +5.36V CTS +10.65V RS232 is negative logic, TXD and RXD idle state logic is 1, voltage at 3~-15V, conform to definition. RTS: Request send, module output pin, valid mean can received CTS: Clear send, module received