Technical FAQ

Hardware Design Introduction of GSM/GPRS Module USR-GM3 1.Typical Connection, 2.Power Interface 3.UART Interface 4.LED Output Control 5.Reset, Reload and Wake up 6.Start/shutdown device interface
USR-GM3 is a highly-integrated UART to GSM / GPRS module in tiny size, which can be embedded in your pcb design to easily make communication among serial device, cellphone and network device.
USR IoT provides USR-WIFI232-T evaluation kit to promote user to comprehend the product and develop the detailed application. The evaluation kit shown as below, user can connect to module with the RS232 UART, and wireless port to configure the parameters, manage the module or do the some functional tests.
WIFI module USR-WIFI232-T supports I-PEX connector external antenna, wifi module must be connected to the 2.4G antenna according to IEEE 802.1b/g/n standards.
Application Examples of WIFI Module USR-WIFI232-T 1.Wireless remote control applicationswireless remote control applications 2.Remote connectivity applications 3.Transparent transmission
We just need to follow the parameters of the corresponding set of network communication parameters, you can make serial←>WIFI communication, the steps are as follows:
How to Test WIFI Module USR-WIFI232-T? 1.Hardware connect In order to test WIFI module USR-WIFI232-T, we need connect wifi module RS232 to PC and also WIFI to PC.
USR-WIFI232-T is a low power serial wireless WIFI module which is used to transmit data between RS232 and WIFI TCPIP transparently.
USR-WIFI232-T Low Power WIFI Module User Manual
There are two ways to upgrade the USR-G806 firmware, webpage or USR upgrade cable. In most condition, you can use webpage to upgrade firmware. If some fault cause you can not open webpage of G806, you should use USR upgrade cable to upgrade firmware.