Technical FAQ

There are two conditions for Dynamic DNS usage: First, router supports dynamic DNS service itself, you can select from drop-down box lists to choose the right DDNS service, here please select, the second condition, router does not supports DDNS service itself, but here we still input
USR-G806 has network diagnosis functions by Web Server, include Ping Tool, Traceroute and Nslookup.
Installation of Cellular Router USR-G806 Insert a SIM card Install WiFi, 4G antenna accordingly Connect computer and router via Ethernet cable Configure the computer, choose DHCP Power on the router with DC 12V power adapter
The Difference Frequency Band between USR-G806-E and USR-G806-AU
Main features of Industrial router USR-G806-E/USR-G806-AU
Upgrade Firmware of Industrial Router USR-G806
Hardware Description of Industrial Router USR-G806
USR-G806 supports WAN, LAN, WLAN and 4G interface. User can access to 3G/4G network by WLAN interface or Ethernet interface.
Hardware Description of Industrial Modem USR-G785-E
Data Transmission Test of Industrial Modem USR-G785-E Initial Parameters Work mode Network