Low Power WiFi Modules Bidirectional Communication

Figure 1 structure diagram

For this application we will use two WIFI232-200. One of them work as AP and TCP server, One of them work as STA and TCP client.The client will connect to the server.
1. we should close the firewall and disable the network except wireless network.

2. Link the 5V adapter, antenna and your serial wire.
Low Power WiFi Modules

3. Open your browser, use the module’s IP(default is, and the user name and password either is admin.
WiFi Modules

4. You can see the module’s webpage, in the webpage you can configure the module. The module will work as AP, and SSID is USR-WIFI232-200. Serial port parameters should refer to your RS232 device. And this module will work as server. SAVE the config and restart the module.
serial to wifi
low power Figure 7
low power Figure 8
low power Figure 9

5. Then we should configure the second WIFI232-200. The connection and the way log in is as same as first one. We only need some different parameters. Second one should work as STA TCP client. We can scan first one, USR-WIFI232-200, and save the ssid.
low power Figure 10
low power Figure 11

6. We should configure this module work as tcp client. And the server IP and PORT should configure as first one’s IP and port. The serial port parameter should refer to your uart device which is link to this module. Then save module and restart it .
low power Figure 12-1
low power Figure 12-2

7. After your restarting, the two serial port can connect to the module. If your connection is not established, please check your serial wire and your config.