Low Power WiFi Modules STA mode of communication

wifi uart module

1. Set the way: WiFi232 – T, for example, WiFi module serial connection computer serial port, computer WiFi connection.
rs485 to wifi converter

2. Open the web page after modification parameter, enter the IP address on the browser
wifi to serial module

wifi serial server

3. Set above parameters successfully, restart the WiFi module, can connect to the wireless router.

4. WiFi module serial connection of the computer serial port, serial port to send AT + WANN instruction query IP address. Send the AT + WANN command succeeds, then send the AT + ENTM switch to through mode. Use WiFi232 – the setup software
WiFi module serial connection

5. the IP address of the query is, WiFi module Settings is a TCP server network mode, so the computer should be in the form of a TCP client connection the IP address of the WiFi module. PC currently TP – LINK to connect the router.
ttl to wifi module