M4 Series RS485 Loopback Test

1. The loopback test is using 1 PC to test the USR Product.You can send the data with ethernet and receive with serial port. And you also can send data with serial port and receive with ethernet.
M4 Series RS485 Loopback Test

2. Please link your Ethernet cable, 5V adapter and serial wire to your TCP M4 series module.
serial device server Link Test

3. Before you start to test, you should disable your wireless network connection and turn off firewall in your PC.

4. Setup the IP address of your PC, we setup it as It should be in same Network segment with USR-TCP232-410(default IP address, the subnet mask we use
serial device server Link Test

5. Open the software USR-TCP232-M4,E45-V2.3.0.78.exe
M4 RS485 Figure 5

6. Click the search the device. You can find your device in device list.
M4 Series RS485 Loopback Test

7. Choose the RS485 page, you can configure the device in second block. After you configure the module, you should save the configure.
M4 Series RS485 Loopback Test-configure the device

8. Open the test software, USR-TCP232-TEST.
M4 Series RS485 Loopback Test-Open the test software, USR-TCP232-TEST.

9. Configure the test software, in com port side, you should configure the baud rate and so on, in network side you should configure the protocol IP and port. After you configure the setting , you can open the com port and connect to the device.
serial device server Link Test-configure the test software

10. You can send the data both side.
M4 Series RS485 Loopback Test- send the data both