Mobile remote connection WiFi Modules

uart wifi converter

USR low power wifi modules, mobile phone software on the Internet connection wifi module.

1. Set WiFi module for STA mode
rs485 wifi converter

2. Set WiFi module IP address:
wifi module ip address

3. Set WiFi module port number: 23419
WiFi module port number

4. After setting successfully, restart module

5. Access router via web View router WAN port IP, whether it is public IP network

View WiFi module is connected to the router’s IP address
wifi to uart

6. Port Forwarding Forwarding ports: 23419, IP is the module IP:
wifi to uart converter

7. Phone internet connection router’s WAN port IP, and port 23419
wifi to rs232 module

uart to wifi converter

8. Mobile phone to send data. Phone to receive data‚
wifi uart server

9. WiFi module is connected to the computer serial port, use the serial port software to connect, send data to the phone, the receiving phone data
uart wifi server