How to send AT commands by SMS?
OverviewThis manual introduces the method to upgrade bluetooth modules-USR-BLE100/101 firmware by serial port. 1.Hardware connectionIf USR-BLE100/BLE has TTL t
Question:【What is the product model?】:GSM modem-usr-gprs-730 【Where do you purchase the products?】: 【Is this your first time to use this product
Brief introduction When using industrial router USR-G806 , users may only allow intranet to access designated websites, so we need to set whitelist so that int
USRIOT software is a platform developed to fulfill the communication between device and device (or upper computer) and realize the transparent transmission of data and the monitoring of devices. If you need set service of “software + hardware”, there is one-stop resolution; if you have hardware, there is private deployment service of
This manual introduces the method to upgrade USR-C21x( WiFi Modules) series products firmware and Web Server in network way.
This manual introduces the method to upgrade USR-BLE100/101(Bluetooth Serial Module) firmware by serial port.
This manual is to introduce configuration when doing the instrument test. 1.AT commands to change to instrument test 2.Related AT commands instructions.
This manual is to introduce USR-WIFI232-630(Serial to WiFi Converter) Modbus RTU transfer to Modbus TCP function.
This manual is to configure Serial to Ethernet Converters USR-N5xx(include USR-N510/USR-N520/USR-N540) to realize communication between Modbus RTU Master and Modbus TCP slave.