The Configuration Process of Industrial Router USR-G806

This article introduces the functions of USR-G806, as the following diagram shown, you can get an overall knowledge of it.


Industrial router USR-G806 function:

industrial router USR-G806 function


The Configuration Process of Industrial Router USR-G806 

1.Connect the 4G antenna and Wi-Fi antenna to the router. (Longer one is 3G/4G antenna and Shorter one is Wi-Fi antenna.)

2.Plug the SIM card in G806.

3.Power on the module by power adaptor and check the LED status.

4.Connect PC or mobile to the G806 router via LAN interface or Wi-Fi interface. Wi-Fi password is “”.

5.Log in Web Server of router. (Default IP address of router is, either the username and password is “root”.)

6.Configure APN parameters according to SIM card. Some SIM card APN can be recognized automatically.(Network->APNSET)

7.Configure other parameters according to user applications.