Tiny Size UART to GSM/GPRS Module USR-GM3

Embedded Serial Device Server Model: USR-GM3

USR-GM3 is a highly-integrated UART to GSM / GPRS module in tiny size, which can be embedded in your pcb design to easily make communication among serial device, cellphone and network device.
This module can realize two-way data transparent transmission between COM and GPRS/GSM network by using a SIM card.
Main Features of UART to GSM / GPRS module
◆ Built-in Antenna Interface
◆ Use single module, embedded TCP / IP Protocol stack,
without external CPU, Higher stability
◆ Support public and APN network access
◆ Support heartbeat, Always Online mode, can keep
connection with server
◆ Support KEEP-ALIVE, to maintain connection if there
is no heartbeat packet
◆ Support network connection in 2 Channel, can send the
same data from serial port to different servers
◆ Transparent transmission, can take place of data
transfer radio, don't need to change your original system
◆ Support configure by Computer set-up software /
Serial AT Command / SMS AT Command
◆ Support virtual serial port, FREE software is available