USR – A/B/C series wifi modules, GPIO function method.

USR – WIFI232 – A/B/C series wifi modules. GPIO function method.
GPIO function method

Pin definition:
wifi module Pin definition

Settings screenshot:

1. Web settings interface: station Mode, Data Transfor GPIO1 Mode or GPIO2 Mode.
station Mode

2. STA Interface Setting: Settings module connected router SSID and password. To the module set a static IP.

3. Wifi-Uart Setting: network model for the TCP Server. Port 8899.
Wifi-Uart Setting

4. Set up, restart the wifi module.

5. A key to use the AT command set:
wifi to uart module

6. Sent over the network GPIO instructions. Send 3 feet high output level.
network GPIO instructions

7. Send inquiry instruction. Return to 00 or 01
wifi serial converter