USR-TCP232-306: AT Command


【What is the product model?】: serial to ethernet converter USR-TCT232-306
【Where do you purchase the products?】: USR
【Is this your first time to use this product? If not how long do you use USR device?】: yes
【What's the firmware version?(You can get firmware version from AT command AT+VER or settings webpage)】: V4018
【How do you connect and configure the USR device?】: For the WEB, but I want to do it with "command AT" for the RS232.
【What's your application? What do you want to realize?】: Control of generators. I want to configure TCP232-306 with the "AT Command". Through the RS232 port.

Where can I find the manuals of "AT command serials" to configure TCP232-306?



1,306 RS232-USB connection to the computer.
2. Open the serial port software on your computer.
In the serial port software, open the COM port.
3. Send +++a to enter the AT command configuration state.
Set the AT command and query the AT command.
Send AT+Z to save the parameters.
4. Exit the AT command configuration state and send AT+ENTM.