USR-WIFI232 series WIFI modules serial port data package description

USR-WIFI232 series wifi module serial port data package description, serial port data is disordered, send it one byte by one byte, network data packet sent one packet by one packet, so now how to do data package?
USR-WIFI232 series wifi module have three options for packed, satisfy with one of these request will reach this function.

1. Packaging time interval
From module received last byte to appointed time, there is no new data, then data package and sent, this parameter default setting time is 50ms, if you need faster response speed, we can through AT+FUARTTE=fast/normal to set time interval. Fast is 10ms, normal is 50ms. This command is default setting, AT+FRELD no valid for this command. Through test, set time interval as 10ms, serial data–>WIFI–>user APP–>WIFI–>serial port, response time is 30-40ms.

2. Automatic packaging time
From module received first byte to appointed time, all serial port data will be transfer by network. This parameter through (webpage–>serial port or other setting–>serial auto frame setting) to configurate it, after that it need restart module. Default not open and not base on receive time to package.

3. Auto package length
From serial port received data to reach appointed byte quantity, then data package and transfer. This function under fixed commination protocol and fixed package length to reach best response speed. This parameter through(webpage–>serial port or other setting–>serial auto frame setting) to configurate is, after that it need restart module. Default parameter not open related function, it is 4000 byte.

Package time interval: AT command can through use USR-TCP232-Setup-vb software. Both serial port and RJ45 port are OK.

On other hand, these two parameter can by AT command or webpage to configurate it.
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UART AutoFrame setting wifi to serial module

Notice: Our company USR-TCP232 series module also have package time and package length etc parameter, please refer to relevant document.