USR-WIFI232-T Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kit of WIFI Module USR-WIFI232-T


USR IoT provides USR-WIFI232-T evaluation kit to promote user to comprehend the product and develop the detailed application. The evaluation kit shown as below, user can connect to module with the RS232 UART, and wireless port to configure the parameters, manage the module or do the some functional tests.


USR-WIFI232-T Evaluation Kit
The external interface description for evaluation as follows:
USR-WIFI232-T Evaluation Kit Interface Description
Function Name Description
External Interface  RS232  Main data/command RS-232 interface
DC5-18V DC jack for power in, 5-18V input.
Button nReset Used to reset the module
nReload Smartlink or restore factory default configuration
Button nLink WIFI LINK Indicator
nReady Module Bootup Ready Indicator