What Does WiFi Module USR-WIFI232-T Use for?



USR-WIFI232-T is a low power serial wireless WIFI module which is used to transmit data between RS232 and WIFI TCPIP transparently. User can update the product to WIFI control without knowing the WIFI and TCPIP detail. All the convert work is done by the module. For users, the RS232 side is only as a serial device, the WIFI side is TCPIP socket data. User can set up the work detail by sample setting which can setup via inside webpages or RS232 port. The setup works only need to do once, then it will save the setting forever.

The chapter is a user guide for USR-WIFI232 series products. We suggest users follow the guide to test module at first. and will have a good understanding of the modules. Users can also choose the chapter which you are interested in to read. For specific details and instructions, please refer to the following website:http://usriot.com/products/wireless-wifi-module.html