WiFi modules -B, AP + STA mode setting method to access the Internet

WiFi232-B module, AP + STA mode setting method to access the Internet

Router USR-WIFI232-B wifi module, STA mode connection with Internet access, AP connected to the computer. Computers can Internet access.

Module is set to AP + STA mode.

Access to a computer serial port module, open the AT command set of software, enter AT commands. Enter the AT + FAPSTA = on, send the command. Returns ok. After then click AT + RELD command to restore the factory settings. After restoring the factory settings on behalf of AP + STA mode is turned on.

Figure setting method:

Figure setting method of wifi modules

Then set the STA mode module again. Ap on a computer connected to the module into the module settings page. Set the following diagram:

1. Set the wifi module works as STA mode.
set module works as STA mode

2. Set the AP wifi module name.
AP module name

3. Set the wifi module operates in STA mode, to connect to the Internet router SSID.
wifi module sta mode

4. Set the wifi module‘s network protocol: TCP Server
small wifi module