WiFi Series

1. Set AP mode to connect to 610 hotspots. 2. Set the STA mode, set the connection object is the router hotspot, the computer connects to the router hotspot, through the AT command to query AT + WANN query router assigned IP to 610. Log in to the 610 web page via this IP. 3. In STA mode, you can restore the factory value by hardware or AT command.
Your PC should contact the same WIFI-A with WIFI610 module.1. Set your PC join WIFI-A, and check the IP of PC.2. Set your PC join the WIFI of 610 module, then o
Wi-Fi Series modbus RTU to modbus TCP1.make PC join the wifi of moduleLogin ,the account and the password are both adminSet it AP mode, the IP :1
WiFi Mode One to One Transmission on USRcloud
Hardware connection: 1\ make PC join the wifi of module A Login ,the account and the password are both admin Set it AP mode, the IP :
Network Topological structure:Under the host mode, network-side can inquire or set input or output port through command; in the meantime, 485 serial can also co
How to install Serial to WIFI Converter-USR-Wifi232-610 in V LAN Area and how to enter Gateway for LAN Wired?
1.Login USR-CLOUD systemWebsite address:http://console.usriot.com/ 2. Add two devices.CLOUD system(registration for first time)3. Add group list: device->group lis
File version: V1.0.01Jinan USR IOT Technology Co., Ltd.Connect PC to G781 LAN interface and power G781. And you need download a Xshell 5 software. Note: Please